The Driggers Method takes a proactive approach to manage your health and stays ahead of the medical curve. Our protocol promotes health and wellness by helping to restore and optimize your body’s natural balance. We offer many cutting edge anti-aging and regenerative services, all under the supervision of a licensed, board-certified physician.

Aging is constant and the breakdown of our natural healing processes overtime result in health problems, cancer and disease. I have developed a comprehensive wellness and antiaging protocol based on science that focuses on slowing down the biological clock of aging and help patients live a healthier energetic life. Find out more on how to Turn back the Clock of aging.

Anti-Aging & Wellness

Health analytics tools that provide meaningful results.

Health Tests

Intravenous (IV) Infusions deliver the vital minerals and vitamins your body needs directly into your bloodstream.

IV Infusion Therapy

Men do you suffer from fatigue, decreased muscle mass, low sex drive or difficulty getting an erection? Testosterone replacement is the answer. Testosterone hormone is the driving source of vitality in male bodies, it is what makes a man ‘a man’. Find out if you are a candidate here.

Men’s Health Hormone Replacement Therapy

NAD+ is essential for life. It has been proven to repair DNA, protect brain cells, serve as an anti-inflammatory, help defend against neurodegenerative disorders, boost energy, and the ultimate supplement to slow down or possibly even reverse aging. Discover more about this Fountain of Youth in a bottle.


What Are Peptides? A peptide is a chain of amino acids found naturally in the body. They are the building blocks of proteins and act as a signaling molecule to switch certain cell functions on or off and regulate biological functions. Some act like neurotransmitters and others act like hormones eliciting therapeutic biologic functions such…

Peptide Therapy

The use of CBD has become increasingly popular over the past several years as an effective treatment for a variety fo ailments. Learn more about our CBD treatment options below.