What Are Peptides?

A peptide is a chain of amino acids found naturally in the body. They are the building blocks of proteins and act as a signaling molecule to switch certain cell functions on or off and regulate biological functions. Some act like neurotransmitters and others act like hormones eliciting therapeutic biologic functions such as metabolism, tissue repair, tissue growth, and production of energy. Insulin is an example of a peptide hormone. As we age peptides and essential amino acid production decreases. As a result, our bodies begin to show signs of aging and do not perform at an optimal level.


Peptide therapy is utilized to elicit a therapeutic function by replacing or imitating the function of a naturally occurring peptide to produce a specific reaction in the body. Some are utilized to reduce inflammation, breakdown visceral fat, increase energy and boost the immune system. Peptides can stimulate the production of natural growth hormone ( GH) for anti-aging properties, tissue repair and increase muscle mass. Peptides have promising potential for combating aging and achieving optimal health. There are over 60 FDA- approved peptide medications and hundreds more are being researched and evaluated in clinical trials.

Our Approach

ReNU MD has developed Peptide Protocols designed to utilize these pathways to address specific areas of concern. We combine peptides to achieve a desired effect and can formulate a custom peptide protocol. Our peptides are compounded in a FDA-approved pharmacy utilizing the purest ingredients and sterile procedures. Our peptide protocols are well-tolerated and safe. We recommend selecting 1 peptide protocol that most addresses what you want to achieve and continue using that protocol for 3 months to get maximal results. Each protocol is delivered as a 1-month packet that includes everything you need. The majority of protocols are given once a day every Monday through Friday.  Peptides are usually administered as a Sub-cutaneous (SQ) injection that can be safely self-administered in the comfort of your home. ( link to How to inject SQ pdf) Our peptide protocols can be combined with other supplements and therapies such as Hormone replacement to enhance your results.

Is Peptide Therapy Right for Me?

If you suffer from any of the following symptoms you can benefit from our peptide protocols below.



A increase in muscle mass, tone and strength.


Decreased abdominal fat


Increase in energy, less fatigue


Improved concentration, focus and memory


Improved skin tone and decreased wrinkles, boosts collagen production


Improved stamina and endurance, faster recover from physical activity


Improved wound healing and recovery from injury


Increased vitality and energy


Decreased inflammation


Improved sleep quality


Patients will notice significant increase changes in the body after the first month, The full benefits are usually notice after 3 months of therapy.

How to Get Started

One-time $99 phone-consultant on-boarding for all Peptide protocols.

*Waived for patients that have had a 1-hour Wellness consult

Side Affects

Minor side effects of nausea, flushing, headache and mild stinging sensation with rapid injection. The most common reported symptom is some redness or irritation at the injection site. All of our Peptides are 100% pure and compounded in a sterile FDA-approved compounding pharmacy.

Do not use Peptides if you have cancer, are pregnant or breast feeding.

Please see the PEPTIDE PROTOCOLS section for our custom protocols made up of several different peptides compounded together to address various issues.