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Age is only a number......

We all age…… some earlier….some faster…..but aging is inevitable.

But how and why do we age ? Physicians and researchers have started asking this question in hopes of turning back the clock on aging.

Until recently there was very little interest on aging and wellness, today’s healthcare focuses on treating a disease once we already have it.  The treatment is focused on maintaining the disease process in order to extend the years of human life…lifespan.  However, in the last few years there has been much research and attention on aging and wellness. This has begun to shift the focus of healthcare to wellness and quality of life…healthspan. People do not want to live longer being sick, but to live longer healthier lives (Quality of life not quantity). They want to look and feel younger than their chronological age, be more active and alert … not just more sick years.

Age is a number determined by your birthdate… referred to as chronological age. Now we can determine you’re biological age using the Horvath clock. This age correlates with the age of your cells. The aging process occurs at the CELLULAR level….we are only as old or healthy as our cells are. Our biologic age clock is running and the older we get the faster it runs and the chance of having a chronic disease or cancer increases exponentially.

We know that lack of exercise, obesity, smoking, exposure to UV radiation, stress, inflammation, and disease all speed up the aging clock and that adequate restorative sleep, avoidance of stressors and sun damage, regular exercise, intermittent fasting and caloric restriction can slow down the aging clock. Up until recently there was not much hope that we could actually stop or even reverse the aging process. The Time article  ‘Fountain of Youth’ sheds light on NAD+ and the possibility of halting or even reversing the aging process.  Now that we understand the science of how and why we can utilize therapies that will address all the tenets of aging.

As we age there is a loss of function and the incidence of chronic disease and cancer increases exponentially


MacNee et al, European Respiratory Journal 2014

Our goal at ReNU MD

Our goal at ReNU MD is for everyone to live a long healthy life, to look and feel younger than you actually are. I have reviewed all the latest research on aging and wellness, listened to podcasts and talking with other pioneers in the field in order to develop The Driggers Method. It is a comprehensive, innovative and tailored cutting-edge protocol based on science to address all the hallmarks of aging so that you live a longer healthy life. We also have many regenerative and restorative programs for wellness and recovery.

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Meet Dr. Driggers.

Innovative Medicine PERSONALIZED. An interconnected method focused on the prevention and treatment of your body's total health

Clark Driggers MD, has spent over 5 years researching and developing protocols for wellness, anti-aging and restoring the body and mind.  A board certified Anesthesiologist, Dr. Drigger’s uses his expertise on human physiology and pharmacology combined with the latest research and cutting edge science in regenerative medicine, wellness, and anti-aging.. In light of the recent Covid-19 pandemic there has been a renewed focus on maintaining your health. My protocols target various aspects of aging to eliminate unwanted inflammation and optimizing one’s immune system. ReNU MD is focused on providing the body with the resources at the cellular level required for immune system optimization, cellular regeneration, gut health, hormone replacement, tissue healing and decreasing inflammation.

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Navigating COVID-19.

Preventative Treatment

The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted how we go about our daily lives. At ReNU MD we have developed treatments that focus on boosting the immune system to help in the prevention of becoming infected with the virus. . The protocol includes clinically supported methods to give the body the fuel it needs to stay healthy. High doses of Vitamin C, methylated B vitamins, Vitamin D3 and Zinc combined with the power of Immune boosting peptides give your body the nutrients to fight the infection and recover faster.

Ongoing Treatment

Keep your immune system boosted at all times using the ReNU MD Immune boost peptides and IV Immune Infusions along with oral vitamins so you can stay healthy and on the go at all time.

Regenerative Medicine, Wellness, & Anti-Aging.

Our innovative services encourage personalized health and wellness by providing your body with vital nutrients that help prevent damage, increase brain function, improve physical performance, and boosts your immune system.

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